14 reasons why you should not miss RAILF Romcontrola

RAILF - Romcontrola 2016 is the landmark event in the field of industrial automation, instrumentation and laboratory equipment.
Technology is the main creator of added value, being a true motor for the increase of efficiency and productivity in any area of ​​production and services.
At RAILF-Romcontrola new technologies and applications can be tested live, they are explained by top specialists in the field, enabling the creation of added value for all the visiting companies !
â–º You will see the very latest technology exhibited by companies in Romania and abroad.
â–º You will establish business meetings with exhibitors.
â–º You will benefit from the effects of the competition between exhibitors, resulting in offers and exceptional circumstances during the event.
â–º You will be able to participate in the RAILF-Romcontrola Symposium, thus getting into contact with the latest theories and trends.
â–º You will be able to exchange views with top specialists in your field.
At RAILF-Romcontrola exhibitors will present their novelties launched at national and international level, which allows you to:
â–º test the latest technologies and applications;
â–º participate in live demonstrations;
â–º have direct meetings scheduled with key suppliers;
â–º rate the solutions exhibited by each exhibitor, choosing what is good for your company;
â–º interact with new suppliers, customers or business partners;
â–º identify rapidly emerging trends;
â–º save months of research and market analysis;
â–º get an infusion of technology;
â–º get inspired with new ideas for your business development.



RAILF-Romcontrola 2016

Why visit ?

- you will learn the latest news
- you will test the latest solutions
- you get the best offers quickly and with minimum effort
- you network
- you interact with professionals only

What can you get ?

- extra-competitiveness
- significant discounts for exclusive products and solutions
- scientific knowledge at the Symposium
- access to information
- an exceptional professional experience


RAILF 2016

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