Profile of the Event

The event is addressed to the specialists that activate in the topics specified below:


I. Automation & Instrumentation

I.1. Automation 

I.1.1 Process Automation
I.1.2 Factory Automation
I.1.3 Industrial Software
I.1.4 Comunication Systems
I.1.5 Industrial Computers
I.1.6 Controller
I.1.7 Actuators

I.2. Measurement & Sensors

I.3. Data Aquisition and Data Processing

I.4. Power Driving Systems

I.4.1  - electric
I.4.2  - pneumatic
I.4.3  - hydraulic

I.5. Robotics

I.6. Virtual Instrumentation

I.7. Components and Systems

I.7.1  - electric
I.7.2  - electronic

I.8. Education and Knowledge transfer


II. Laboratory Equipment (Instrumentation)

II.1. Analysis and quality control

II.1.1 Instrumental analysis
II.1.2 Applications
II.1.3 Microscopes and optical image processing
II.1.4 Measuring and testing technology
II.1.5 Materials testing
II.1.6 Quality control
II.1.7 Education and Knowledge transfer

II.2. Laboratory technology

II.2.1 Laboratory equipment and machines
II.2.2 Laboratory automation / robotics
II.2.3 Laboratory data systems and documentation
II.2.4 Laboratory apparatus
II.2.5 Laboratory software
II.2.6 Industrial biotechnology
II.2.7 Chemicals and reagents / Consumables
II.2.8 Occupational safety


RAILF-Romcontrola 2016

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