RAILF 2011 - Some of ideas at the final of The First Edition

As you well know, the Association for Automation and Instrumentation in Romania (AAIR), organized on 10-12th of May 2011, RAILF 2011 the first edition of "Romanian Automation & Instrumentation - Laboratory Fair " at Sala Palatului in Bucharest. The fair consisted of the exhibition and symposium, the most representative event in Romania in the field.

Founded in 1990, A.A.I.R. is the national professional association of the specialists in Romania in the domains of automation and instrumentation (industrial, laboratory).
The management of the event was provided by ITS Events Management, a company specialized in organizing events, consultancy, creation and logistic services.
With a rich professional experience of 21 years, including as co-organizer of the exhibition Romcontrola, AAIR aimed by organizing the " Romanian Automation & Instrumentation - Laboratory Fair ", to relaunch these domains in Romania after the crisis of the last years, communicating to the professionals in the field the latest news, at a national and international level.

We must mention that 40 companies have participated at RAILF 2011 on a total exhibition area of approximately 550 square meters, and the event had over 800 visitors.
The participating companies, academic representatives and governmental organisms with responsibilities in the field held different presentations in the symposium within RAILF 2011. These presentations represented the core of debates concerning the latest national and world news.

We remarked once again the importance of the organizing an specialized event by the Professional National Association in the domain, emphasized by the highest professionalism of the event and the wide audience among the specialists in the field. The overwhelming majority of visitors were experts in the domain, the tourists being almost non-existent.
Given the importance of this event, RAILF 2011 enjoyed good visibility in the media, therefore our media partners have been as follows: Agenda Construcţiilor, Comunicatedepresa.ro, Mesagerul Energetic, Mentenanţă şi Distribuţie Industrială, Petroleum Review, Reporter Economic, Romaqua, Technomarket, Tehnica Instalaţiilor, T&T, Univers Ingineresc.

In conclusion, A.A.I.R. achieved its strategic objectives of ensuring the connection of the professionals and their issues in automation and instrumentation fields, at a higher level. These are the objectives of A.A.I.R. and not getting maximum financial profit in any conditions.
From the quantity point of view, we can mention the quasi-total share of specialists from total amount of visitors and the consistent number of precise requests of these ones, addressed to the companies participating at RAILF 2011.

We also note the fact that some companies have already expressed the wish to participate with booths of a larger surface at the next edition of the Fair.
In the future, for the following editions of RAILF, we wish to extend all of its related activities: wider promotion through the media, additional facilities provided to the participating companies and to the visitors etc.
In the end we wish to emphasize the novelty of RAILF by the fact that it is organized by professional field organization (A.A.I.R.), which knows the best the problems, needs and aspirations of that particular domain, acts most effectively to resolve them.

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RAILF-Romcontrola 2016

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